January 11, 2016

Publishing RTMP with stream parameter to EdgeCast

RTMP republishing is a popular feature within Nimble Streamer RTMP capabilities. It's used for delivery of live streams from origins to other Nimble Streamer edges or even publish to YouTube.

Some CDNs use authentication tokens that are specified in streams, unlike those which require tokens in application names. One of examples of such CDNs is EdgeCast.

To set up re-publishing to EdgeCast, you should follow this article describing basic scenario.

When you come to a point when you open RTMP re-publish dialog, you need to do the right matching of your publishing URL and re-publishing dialog.

Here is an example of such URL:
And here is an example of the dialog.

Add republishing to EdgeCast with stream parameter.
Here, a source_app and source_stream are the names of app and stream which you already have as a result of your incoming stream processing, see the mentioned article for details.

So you can now publish your RTMP streams not only within your streaming network, but also use other CDNs as a backup.

Further usage

Let us know if you face any issues during the setup.

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