September 30, 2018

Softvelum Q3 news

During the third quarter of 2018 our team was working on improving our products.

Before checking the updates, take a look at the State of Streaming Protocols for Q3 2018. Total view time of our server software among all of customers was 21 million hours watched every day.

Nimble Advertizer

HLS ads insertion

Major improvement was made for Nimble Advertizer, the Server-Side Ads Insertion (SSAI) framework for Nimble Streamer. This framework allows dynamically insert personalized ads into live streaming content.
Key features of Advertizer are:
  • Pre-roll ads per each connection
  • Mid-roll ads flexible timing setup
  • Per-stream ads insertion business logic
  • Personalized ads based on your user IDs
Now Advertizer supports HLS live streams output in addition to currently supported RTMP, SLDP and Icecast protocols. It supports both video+audio and audio-only modes. Advertizer may use all input live protocols supported by Nimble Streamer, which are RTMP, RTSP, SRT, UDT, HLS, MPEG2TS, Icecast and SHOUTcast.

The workflow is easy to adopt within any business logic using your own handler app.

You can read full technical spec here.

Advertizer Live Demo

You can see SSAI in action on our Nimble Advertizer Live Demo page. It has RTMP, SLDP. HLS and Icecast live streams with pre-rolls and mid-rolls being inserted for you.

That page also has description of how this demo works so you could try the same approach in your solutions.

Nimble Advertizer Server-side Ads Insertion framework is a premium functionality which requires additional payments. Please check this page to get more details about functionality and pricing.


Upcoming 2019 is the last year of Adobe's support for Flash technology which means upcoming decline of RTMP for end-user streaming. This brings the need for real-time low-latency streaming solution which could be used for live delivery and playback.

This year Softvelum introduced SLDP - Softvelum Low Delay Protocol. SLDP is a streaming protocol based on WebSockets. Its basic features include
  • Sub-second delay between origin and player.
  • Codec-agnostic: H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8, VP9, AAC, MP3.
  • ABR support: close-to-instant channels switch.
  • HTTP and HTTPS on top of TCP.
  • Buffer offset support.
Clients are currently available for HTML5 web pages, Android and iOS both as free players and premium SDKs.

Server support is available in Nimble Streamer. From setup perspective, it's just another option for your output streams. Read this article for full details on SLDP setup in Nimble.

Softvelum continuously improves SLDP technology by adding new features and updates. Feel free to try it out for your solutions, or just check Nimble Advertizer Live Demo to see SLDP in action with ads insertion.

Mobile solutions

We're updating our mobile streaming solutions on a regular basis, introducing new capabilities and fixes.

Larix free mobile app and premium SDKs for Android and iOS now have HEVC (H.265) encoding support for better compression of outgoing streams.  Also, SRT library in Larix is now version 1.3.1. Those features bring more robustness on unreliable networks and low bandwidth.
iOS Larix also has 60 fps support. has a new article in their help center called Stream From Mobile Using Larix Broadcaster. It's about Larix setup for using services.

SLDP Player apps and SDKs had minor improvements and fixes as well.

You can check full description of releases and get SDK subscription any time.

We'll keep you updated on our latest features and improvements.
Stay tuned for more updates and follow us at Facebook and Twitter to get latest news and updates of our products and services.

The State of Streaming Protocols - 2018 Q3

Softvelum team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols. It's based on stats from WMSPanel reporting service which handles data from Wowza Streaming Engine and Nimble Streamer servers - there were 3600+ servers on average this quarter. WMSPanel collected data about more than 13 billion views.

We've added a new metric - total view time for our server products. It's nearly 1.9 billion this quarter, or 21+ million view hours per day.

Let's take a look at the chart and numbers of this quarter:

The State of Streaming Protocols - 2018 Q3

You can see HLS share as 69% and RTMP at 17% while progressive download still going down.

You can compare that to the picture of Q2 streaming protocols landscape: