December 19, 2023

Apple HTTP Live Streaming Tools for Linux

Apple has released a new version of its HTTP Live Streaming Tools, a package of command-line tools for creating and testing HLS solutions. There’s a delightful surprise for developers,  as the recent release is also available as Centos 7 package.

This brings a lot of convenience to global developers' community!

The HTTP Live Streaming Tools package includes five tools for CentOS Linux 7: Media File Segmenter, Media Subtitle Segmenter, Media Stream Segmenter (Low Latency HLS mode included), Variant Playlist Creator and Media Stream Validator. These tools help developers segment, validate, and optimize their HLS streams using almost any web server infrastructure for streaming to iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

The latest release adds a new feature: the ability to segment spatial video content for delivery to Apple Vision Pro, a device that enables immersive viewing experiences. Spatial video technology allows capturing the full 360-degree environment around the camera.

The HTTP Live Streaming Tools are available for download from the Apple Developer website. Users need to have a valid Apple Developer account to access the tools. We commend Apple for making these tools available for Linux developers, as it shows their commitment to supporting the open-source community and the web standards.

December 4, 2023

Nimble Streamer OpenSSL 3 fix

Nimble Streamer team is continuously working on improving the stability and robustness of our media server, including the underlying libraries and components.

OpenSSL 3 issue

A new behavior was introduced in OpenSSL 3, causing SSL library to return EOF-related errors during SSL shutdown sequence. The following pages for more technical details: OpenSSL issue 11381commit for corresponding fix.

As we found Nimble could also receive such errors unexpectedly during SSL send operations which could lead to unexpected connection interruptions when streaming over any protocol that use TLS/SSL, such as HLS, MPEG-DASH, SLDP, Icecast as well as RTMPS in all modes.

Nimble 4.1.0-5 contains a fix for this behavior setting SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF flag for compatibility with OpenSSL 3.

OpenSSL 3 is used on Ubuntu 22.04, so if you're using 22.04 we'd strongly recommend to upgrade to Nimble 4.1.0-5 or later to avoid potential streaming issues.

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade Nimble Streamer to the latest version, please go to Nimble Streamer installation page, select your operating system and scroll down to "Operating, upgrading, uninstalling" section.

If you have any questions or issues please send them to our helpdesk.