April 30, 2016

April news

April gave updates on mobile streaming as well as introduction for upcoming Transcoder products.

As always, first check the State of Streaming Protocols for April.

Mobile Streaming

Larix Broadcaster mobile streaming SDK and application got a major update. You can take a look at applications update below to see what's new in SDK. Larix sources are part of SDK so whatever you see in the app, you'll get in SDK.

Larix 1.0.17 for Android updates include the following:

  • Added "Vertical Stream" option to set video always streamed as vertical.
  • "Adjust video to sensor" option to adjust output video to device orientation.
  • Improvements and fixes
  • Developers Options to control rendering mechanism
Larix 1.0.14 for iOS has reliability improvements to make it  more stable.

Contact us to get latest streaming SDK.

Nimble Streamer Transcoder

Nimble Streamer Transcoder is planned for release in mid-May. We're making final testing and UI improvements.
Transcoder has wide set of capabilities to decode, transform and encode live streaming media. Having excellent WMSPanel front-end UI, it provides rich framework to build your streaming scenarios.

The Transcoder will be provided per monthly subscription with an  affordable pricing. Knowing Nimble Streamer as low resource high-efficiency software, you can be sure that your total cost of ownership will be as low as possible. A great advantage of upcoming Transcoder is the ability to apply settings without re-starting the streams.

You can already take a look at upcoming features below.

1. The following YouTube channel playlist shows the UI sneak preview videos. Those are:

2. This SlideShare presentation shows the list of major features.

Contact us if you'd like to know more and stay tune for updates to see when the Transcoder is available.

WMSPanel Paywall

The last but not the least - we've updated WMSAuth paywall feature set with a small improvement. We've added "Allow list has priority over Deny list" checkbox. Its behavior is described in Paywall FAQ number 8: "I need to allow connections from my edge servers in specific region but deny all other viewers' connections"

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The State of Streaming Protocols - April 2016

WMSPanel team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols.

The metrics calculations are based on nearly 3.7 billion views. The stats are collected from 2700+ media servers (Nimble Streamer and Wowza).

Protocols share remain stable, i.e. HLS share is about 75%, while RTMP and RTSP share decreased significantly.
A big surprise was the raise of progressive download - one of our customers is a provider of MP3 podcasts that are currently supported only by PD. Hopefully MPEG-DASH players will be able to handle MP3 audio so that share will shift to DASH.

The State of Streaming Protocols April, 2016
The State of Streaming Protocols April, 2016
You can compare that to March stats below.