May 3, 2020

Larix Grove for distributing Larix Broadcaster settings

Usually all connections in Larix Broadcaster are set up in application settings, and you need to add each connection manually.

With Larix Grove you can distribute and import streaming settings using a special URL format.
You make a URL with Grove wizard and send it via email, messenger, a web page or QR code.

When you tap on the link on a web page, Larix Broadcaster is launched and you need to confirm settings import.

You can create a QR code and once you scan it, you will import connections settings.

You may also open the Settings -> Connections -> Import Larix setting app menu to process the links manually copied from an email or a messenger.

In addition to that, you also export settings to get Grove URL and its QR code.

Try Larix Grove in action and let us know of any ideas to improve it.

Here's a demo video showing this feature in action.