December 11, 2022

License API and deferred payments for Transcoder and Addenda

Nimble Streamer has premium add-ons which require additional licenses to operate. Those are Live Transcoder for content transformation and Addenda for various features like DRM, Advertizer or SRT PASSet.

You can create those licenses at the time of your first subscription or later on whenever you need them at any moment of your billing period. You also need to make payment in order to activate - either during your first subscription or any time during billing period once you need them.

This is not convenient in many cases especially when you create some automation process where you cannot log into WMSPanel every time you make a license.

So we made two big adjustments for those of our long-time trusted customers who want to utilize more licenses:

  1. You can defer first-time license payments to your next billing date.
  2. You can create Transcoder and Addenda licenses via API.

Let's see what you can do now.

Defer your payments

In order to start working with a new Transcoder server you need to create a license for it and activate it.

Usually you activate the license by making one-time payment proportional to the cost of monthly license (50 USD) and to a number days left until the expiration date of current license (basically days left until WMSPanel monthly payment).

Now eligible customers may request the alleviation of this policy. If you're a long-time customer with active usage of Transcoder, you may request us to defer these payments. Some existing customers have already been enabled this feature.

Addenda is already available for deferred payments for all subscribed customers.

This deferment works like this:

  1. When you create a license you may choose to defer payment by clicking on "Activate and pay later".
  2. The license is then activated and you can use it right after that.
  3. The deferred payment amount is put into your account billing.
  4. At the next payment date, that amount will be charged along with other expenses for the next billing period.
  5. Those expenses will include license' regular price of 50 USD unless you cancel it.

This way, you will not need to pull out your credit card each time you need to create a license.

Contact us to see if your account is eligible and to enable this capability.

API for licenses 

With the deferred payment enabled, you can make another step and create your licenses using our WMSPanel API as described in these calls' descriptions.

So what you need to do is 

  1. make an API call which creates a license,
  2. get this license ID in response,
  3. register this new license for your server.

That's it, you can now either manually create a new scenario for this new server, or use API to operate Transcoder scenarios on that server.

This allows automating a lot of processes related to Nimble Streamer functionality.

Contact our team if you have any questions about this approach and if you'd like to enable it for your account.