February 3, 2021

Larix SDK 2021-01 releases and tutorials

Softvelum mobile development team has released a major release for our SDKs.

Our subscribed customers have already received respective notifications and may download new packages under their WMSPanel account, where they always download them.

Larix Broadcaster and Larix Player SDKs for both Android and iOS now have version "2021-01". You can visit mobile releases history page to see the changes and here we'll briefly describe them.

First, we've created separate pages for each individual SDK to describe what customers get when they subscribe and give some other details.
  • Larix Broadcaster SDK for Android and SDK for iOS pages have architecture overview of Larix Broadcaster to make it easier to understand for beginners.
  • Larix Player SDK for Android and SDK for iOS has basic information, we'll add architecture description later on.

Now, here's what we added to the SDKs.

Larix Broadcaster SDK for both platforms:
  • Talkback audio return feed via SRT, RTMP, SLDP and Icecast. This is a feature which was often requested by Larix users, so we released in early January into production and after a few minor fixes, the final implementation is now available in SDK.
    Notice that if you want to enable Talkback in your apps, you'll need to purchase Larix Player SDK and use libsldp library from it. You'll get more details in release not in SDK package.
  • Publishing via SRT Listen and SRT Rendezvous. Larix now supports all modes of SRT for producing the live content.
  • libsrt 1.4.2: we moved to the latest stable release of libsrt.
  • librist 0.2.0RC2: RIST is getting more attention, so we moved to one of the latest librist release candidates.
Also, additional tutorials were added on our github showing how to create minimal application for iOS and Android based on our streaming library. They are just step-by-step guides easy to follow.

Larix Player for all platforms was also updated:
  • It can be used for enabling Talkback in Larix Broadcaster.
  • Playback via SRT Listen and SRT Rendezvous was added, so Player now supports all SRT modes to consume live streams.
  • libsrt 1.4.2: we also moved to the latest stable library here.

If you'd like to subscribe for any ot all of the SDKs described above, visit mobile SDKs purchase page or any individual SDK page for respective instructions.

Contact us if you have any questions and follow us via TwitterFacebookTelegramLinkedInYouTube and Reddit.