May 20, 2019

Support for HEVC over RTMP in Softvelum products

RTMP protocol is widely used for origin delivery, e.g. delivery from encoders to edge servers or delivery between origins and edges. The content codecs defined by the spec are H.264 and VP6.

However the recent increase of H.265/HEVC usage inspired third parties for making changes in RTMP so it could carry this new codec. E.g. ffmpeg has forks with proper support.

Thus Softvelum team has added HEVC support for RTMP into our products:

  • Nimble Streamer supports HEVC via RTMP/RTMPS in all modes. You can publish it into Nimble or pulled by it, in order to transmux into HLS, MPEG-DASH and RTSP. You can also play RTMP HEVC from Nimble and publish HEVC RTMP from Nimble to other destinations which support this capability.
  • Larix Broadcaster allows publishing via RTMP/RTMPS from mobile devices with Android and iOS.

So if you need to use RTMP instead of RTSPSRT or MPEG-TS for HEVC, you can try this new approach.

Please notice that RTMP support for HEVC is a non-standard experimental feature. In order to use it properly, both sender and receiver sides need to support it.

In case of any questions or issues please contact our helpdesk.

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