July 30, 2012

WMSAuth RTMP protection sample


To use WMSAuth for RTMP please download RTMP protection sample for flowplayer and for JWPlayer committed into our github WMSAuth samples repo. This repo also has other snippets for PHP, Java and C#.

Please also note that RTMP uses a bit different parameters passing scheme since where is Server and Stream parts here

rtmp://streamserver1.ultamatemediastreaming.com:1935/live?wmsAuthSign=<?php echo $base64urlsignature;?>


The same link transformation can be used for integrating Pay-per-view feature set into your work flow.

If you haven't yet tried WMSPanel which provides this kind of links re-publishing protection, feel free to sign up and try our service free of charge during first 2 weeks.

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July 28, 2012

Streams geo real-time report


Recently we've introduced Daily geo stats for Wowza which allows seeing geo-location report including country and cities info. We also have overall real-time geo-location info for each of the server in customer's pool.

So to complete the picture, we made real-time geo information about each stream in customer's bucket.

Now you can just go to "Streams report", choose a stream you want and see top 20 countries information displayed as a set of flags with a number of connections as a tool tip.

Check this screenshot to see it in action:

Wowza geo location real time data. Click to view full size.
Want to see the same for your stream? Try our Wowza reporting service for next 2 weeks free of charge and see if other features are useful for your business.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.