December 30, 2015

The State of Streaming Protocols - the summary of 2015

WMSPanel team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols.

Let's review past month and also take a look at the retrospective for the year of 2015.

BTW, also check 2015 summary of our products: Nimble Streamer re-defined, mobile SDK, DVR, MPEG-DASH, HEVC and more.

December metrics calculations are based on 2 billions of views. The stats are collected from 2300+ media servers (Nimble Streamer and Wowza). MPEG-DASH keeps growing, it has 12M+ views. It's now equal to Microsoft SmoothStreaming. HLS has increased to 74% now.

The State of Streaming Protocols December, 2015
You can compare that to November stats below.

The State of Streaming Protocols - November 2015.

You can also compare that to December 2014 statistics

The State of Streaming Protocols December, 2014
A few quick facts about this year looking at this and all other charts from past months:
  • The HLS share was pretty constant through the year balancing around 70% between 69% and 74%.
  • A significant change is the growth of MPEG-DASH which now has 12+ millions of views approaching to 1% share from just a few hundred views (literally 0% share) last year. Nimble Streamer DASH capabilities were transformed into a full-scale feature set so many of our customers made their bet on this technology.
  • MPEG-DASH left HDS behind now competing with SmoothStreaming.
  • Adding RTSP playback support in Nimble Streamer, along with its popularity growth, gave an increase for RTSP share as well.
  • RTMP was continuously going down from 22% to 13%.

This year again we saw the continuous evolution of streaming protocols towards HTTP-based formats. We expect MPEG-DASH to gain more popularity within 2016.

We'll keep analyzing protocols to see the dynamics. Check our updates at FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or LinkedIn.

RTSP and RTMP publish control setup

Previously our team introduced Publish control framework to allow applying our customers' business logic to incoming streams by defining multi-level authorization.

This article describes publish control setup process from deployment point of view. Take a look at the picture below to overview available scenarios and let's go through them step-by-step.

December 25, 2015

H.265 HEVC VOD transmuxing for MPEG-DASH

Nimble Streamer has a wide feature set for VOD streaming for HLS and MPEG-DASH. These formats use H.264/AVC as their default codec. As media streaming technologies evolve over time, a new H.265/HEVC codec was introduced a few years ago. This is a more efficient codec, especially for 4K and upcoming 8K streaming as they require huge bandwidth consumption hence the need for a codec with better compression.

Our team made the first step towards HEVC and today we introduce VOD transmuxing to MPEG-DASH from MP4 encoded with H.265. Our company is a member of DASH Industry Forum so we collaborate with other members to promote this standard.

Transmuxing for H.265 setup is made the same way as it's done for MP4 transmuxing for H.264. Other features are also supported, such as transmuxing from remote HTTP storage and adaptive bitrate support via SMIL.

Read Nimble Streamer HEVC digest page to see full set of HEVC-related features.

Contact us to share your thoughts.

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December 9, 2015

Mobile SDK for RTMP broadcasting

Our company continuously improves our mobile products.

Currently they include:

  • Larix Broadcaster Android and iOS to stream media from apps to any media server. It's available as part of Larix mobile SDK usage.
  • Publish control framework for Nimble Streamer which provides flexible authentication and control of incoming streams from cameras, mobile devices and encoders.

Until this moment the major supported media protocol was RTSP which is an open standard for broadcasting.

Now we introduce RTMP support for streaming from Android devices. Mobile SDK for Android and Larix Broadcaster for Android are now able to provide published RTMP stream for any media destination which is capable of receiving data via this protocol.

Check Larix Broadcaster on Google Play to start.

Get it on Google Play

Feel free to contact us regarding mobile broadcasting SDK purchase and usage.

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December 3, 2015

Media server for Raspberry Pi

Nimble Streamer, the high performance media server with low resources usage is now available for Raspbian, the OS for Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi hardware platforms.

It's also available for ARM64 platforms such as Odroid.

It allows turning this hardware into an efficient streaming device for live and VOD content.

Read this installation instruction with a set of live streaming scenarios setup guide.