November 28, 2022

AV1 support for VOD MPEG-DASH streaming via Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer has extensive VOD feature set. It allows dynamically re-package static files into VOD HLS and MPEG-DASH streams. MPEG-DASH protocol has been fully supported by Nimble for a long time, allowing to reach wide range of devices with various codecs on board.

AV1 codec has been introduced to the public a few years ago and has grown into a mature technology with help of industry leads. It's supported in all major browsers which makes it pervasive across the web.

Now, following the requests of our customers Nimble Streamer team has implemented AV1 VOD transmuxing into the product. Having MP4 files containing AV1 content, you can set up Nimble to process these files and generate MPEG-DASH output.

Follow MPEG-DASH VOD transmuxing setup article to set up Nimble Streamer to generate AV1-powered VOD streams.

Other VOD-related standard features  of Nimble Streamer applicable for DASH are supported as well.

Remote HTTP storage support allows to effectively stream files, those size exceeds available file system capacity. An AV1 files can be processed via remote storage as well. You may also make adaptive bitrate VOD streams using SMIL files. The generated streams can then be protected with Paywall feature set, including pay-per-view framework, hotlink protection, geo-lock and more.

In addition to Paywall, you can encrypt AV1 content with Widevine using Nimble DRM. You may use any DRM management solution supported by Nimble to protect your streams.

Live AV1 support: with Enhanced RTMP spec, Nimble Streamer now supports HEVC/H.265 and AV1 processing for live re-packaging. 

Please also check AV1 live streaming support article describing live scenarios with AV1 codec.

Feel free to let us know of your experience with AV1 and share your thoughts on its usage with Nimble and beyond.

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