January 31, 2016

January news

In the first month of 2016 we continued improving our products.

You can first read the State of Streaming Protocols for January 2016. Also, here is a summary for the year of 2015.

Mobile SDK and Larix Broadcaster for iOS now has portrait mode support.
The SDK has all capabilities and source code of Larix and it's available for licensing.

Now let's see what we have for Nimble Streamer.

H.265/HEVC is supported for live streaming transmuxing. You may use MPEG-TS or RTSP as input and generate RTSP and MPEG-DASH streams as output. HEVC adoption is expected to rise this year so Nimble will get more improvements of H.265 feature set.

As you know, Nimble Streamer is the most efficient media server and it's recently became available for embedding to any hardware including x64 and ARM. It has high performance, low resources usage, hence various platforms coverage. Let us know if you want to embed it into your products, it's easy.

Some of our customers use EdgeCast as delivery network so we improved RTMP publishing with stream parameter to meet network requirements.

In some use cases it is necessary to specify codecs in VOD SMIL file in order to generate correct HLS playlists. It's now available for use along with other VOD SMIL capabilities.

A couple of updates regarding security and content protection.
You can now block your viewers by User-Agent header by defining User-Agent group in WMSAuth paywall to block unexpected agents.
Also, you may now request security support subscription which will allow getting anti-scraping code updates to cover possible abusers' software updates.

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