February 27, 2012

High-detail retrospective reports

WMSPanel has a number of high-detailed retrospective reports which can be used in different ways. Let's see what we have. Just open a dashboard and scroll down to retrospective chart tabs.

Those chart points show the granularity of reports data. WMSPanel assigns streaming statistics to the corresponding graphic point. Here are the intervals for each time frame.
  • Daily report has 15 minutes interval.
  • Weekly report has 2 hours interval.
  • Monthly in divided by 12 hours.
  • Year report has 7 days interval.
This division allows showing smooth charts and yet keep them accurate.

Each data slice has its own set of retrospective charts. So when you make new slice, you get new unique charts.

First report shows combined charts of "Total Connected versus Bandwidth Average".

Total connections vs. Average bandwidth report.