November 14, 2012

WMSPanel became Wowza Product Partner


We are excited to announce that we've officially been introduced into Wowza Media Systems partner ecosystem.

It took us 1 year from initial presentation of Wowza support to becoming a product partner. Since that time we were continuously improving the service by adding more valuable features and increasing service quality and robustness.

So we'd like to thank everyone who joined us and we're looking forward to see a lot more new media companies joining us. Each new subscriber and trial user brings new ideas which we add into our wishlist and future road map.

Recently Wowza announced Wowza 3.5 with brand new feature set. So we're glad to mention that we support it as well as Wowza 2.x and Wowza 3.0.x product versions. We also are working on new feature sets. Subscribe our blog and see what new WMSPanel control and reporting functionality is going to be released in the nearest future.

Feel free to sign up and try our service free of charge during first 2 week of trial period.

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November 2, 2012

IPv6 support for Wowza control and reporting


As many of you know, IPv4 address space is currently exhausted. So IPv6 comes out and we already see that some of our customers use IPv6 addresses.

So as we use IP addresses to determine the geo location and since MaxMind DB have this support, we also should support this protocol. And so we did.

WMSPanel now can determine countries and cities from MaxMind GeoLiteCity database with IPv6 as well as with IPv4. Geo daily stats and geo blocking for WMSAuth can process those addresses.

We use Ruby for IP processing so we use geoip Ruby gem. It appeared that it supported IPv4 only thus we improved it for IPv6 support and contributed to the original gem via Github. So if you decide using it for your needs - it has some of our code.

Feel free to try our geo-related solutions for your business. It's free of charge during first 2 weeks of trial.