October 23, 2012

Wowza HLS protocol statistics

As we mentioned in one of the posts about Wowza daily statistics, we provide reporting about all protocols which are supported by Wowza Media Server.

Cupertino, or HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), is one of those. Many analytic software can process connections which use it. But there are some protocol features that make it hard to count it accurately:
  • It may open separate stream per each view to get the playlist if you use <a> HTML4 tag for inserting media links rather than <video> HTML5 tag;
  • It may split transmission into parallel chunks thus open separate connection.
So your log would show not necessarily 1 connection per view, this might be many more.

As you know, WMSPanel Wowza agent does not parse logs. It takes connections information directly from Wowza. So when we faced this kind of issues when launching Daily stats, we were able to take a closer look at the data collected from Wowza internals.

Thus we just skip those corner cases like several connections per view and show correct HLS (Cupertino) numbers in the statistics table:

So if you need accurate media stats for iPhones and iPads, as well as STB such as Roku, feel free to sign up and try our Wowza control and reporting service for 2 weeks free of charge.

If you're streaming with HLS, please also have a look at Nimble Streamer, the light-weight HTTP streaming server for HLS, Smooth and progressive download. WMSPanel is an official GUI for Nimble Streamer. It may be controlled via WMSPanel GUI and it comes free of charge.

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October 21, 2012

October 11, 2012

Wowza server management

Today we announce a frequently requested feature set for Wowza server management. We just call it Wowza control, because basically it means controlling Wowza via setting up its configuration.

What can it do?
  • Create, configure and delete applications;
  • Apply application changes to multiple servers;
  • Start and stop applications instances;
  • Show Wowza virtual hosts, start and stop them;
  • Start/stop startup streams.
These actions do not require JMX usage to apply changes. Everything is done transparently via WMSPanel web interface. No manual restarting - just clicks away from completing your everyday tasks.

You can also allow your end-users to manage their Wowza servers. This is done via centralized users details and permissions management.

Wowza server structure.
Let's see how it works.

October 1, 2012