May 30, 2012

Wowza control panel capabilities for iOS and Android


We all use mobile web widely these days and we all love when our favorite websites are accessible via your favorite smartphone. Especially when it's a real-time control panel of your Wowza or Windows Media assets.

This is why we make our panel as lite and it's possible to avoid any problems on any browsers you might have. We use cross-platform JavaScript which runs basically on any browser.

Thus it appears to run on any iOS devices like iPhone® and iPad® as well as on Android mobile devices.

Look at those iPhone snapshots:

iPhone real-time chart.

iPhone Wowza statistics.
iPhone portrait display of WMS panel.

They look just as you may see them in your desktop browser.

Android devices browsers are also supported. Android 3 and Android 4 default browsers show the panel perfectly. Android 1.x and Android 2 may show it via Firefox or Opera browsers.
Here are screen shots you may see at Android 3 powered Samsung tablet:

Real-time chart displayed in Android default browser.

Retrospective charts shown on Android tablet.

This is a nice "side effect" of our web-based interface and architecture that allows showing any Wowza  or Windows Media statistics and control your assets via any browser.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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May 24, 2012

Configurations backup and control for Wowza

This feature set is deprecated.

Please take a look at other control features and reporting framework of our control panel. 

May 22, 2012

Wowza data loss reporting and analysis

We all know that data transmission is far from being perfect. Since media data transmission operates with huge amounts of data, most streaming companies face with losses problem, especially within peak hours.

WMSPanel Wowza reporting service may help finding and visualizing problems like that. Let's see typical peak hour using detailed reports.

When you are logged into Dashboard, you can first see real time chart and then after scrolling down it shows 4 retrospective charts for Wowza. First one is "Total connected vs. Bandwidth" that allows seeing peak statistics.

Connections and Average bandwidth in peak hours.
See that blue cliff in front of red mount? That's total connections per 15 minutes interval shown in comparison with average bandwidth.

May 10, 2012

Integrating WMSAuth to your website


Recently we've introduced WMSAuth, a link re-publishing protection feature for WMSPanel. We'd like to make a brief introduction to this solution from integration point of view. This feature is a bit more complicated than just statistics representation so it requires some extra actions to make.

Basically this protection solution requires changes for Wowza server and for customer's web site where all media content links are "signed" and provided to streaming clients. Those changes can be done by customer alone.

If you want to use WMSAuth link re-publishing protection, you must go through the following steps:
  1. Sign up at WMSPanel and install an agent to your server to make it appear in the panel. This is the only action required for Wowza server side.
  2. Create a Wowza test application for checking new protection scheme. You can use our Wowza server management for that.
  3. At the web front end where you usually place links to your media content, you need to create a test script with a code snippet of signing your test application streams. The sample written in PHP, Java and C# may be taken from this github repo. PHP samples have flowplayer and JWPlayer. We can provide a sample source code in any programming language on demand.
  4. At WMSPanel, go to WMSAuth top menu and create group to protect test application stream.
  5. Check if protected links work well with the new signature and do not work without the same signature.
  6. Once everything works fine in test mode, integrate the signature code based on a test sample into production environment, and test it.
After those steps your streams specified in WMSAuth rule will be protected against hot-linking.

The following issues must be addressed while implementing this solution:
  1. Time at all Wowza servers and Web servers, where links are signed, must be correct and in sync with each other.
  2. Passwords on Web server part and Wowza server part must be equal.
  3. Test this solution at testing Wowza applications and streams first. This is a complex feature and any changes or misunderstandings may cause your links to be inaccessible for your clients.
The same approach should be used for integration with Pay-per-view feature set because it's tightly coupled with WMSAuth.

Please also take a look at hot-linking protection for Nimble Streamer.

Hopefully this description will help defining resources and time required for applying WMSAuth to your media streaming solution. With help of our Wowza control and reporting panel you'll be able to handle statistics as well as protecting your media assets.

Please check FAQ and Troubleshooting section for any problems resolution or questions.

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May 1, 2012

Wowza hotlinking re-publishing and re-streaming protection

When you are streaming some media data, you always have a risk of being re-published somewhere else via hot-linking. So if you have exclusive payed content, you're loosing money. WMSPanel has a core functionality for Wowza links re-publishing (or, hot-linking) protection. It's available as part of Paywall solution for Wowza and it supports all protocols which Wowza handles. This includes RTMP, RTSP, HLS, SmoothStreaming, HDS and DASH.

Having some small changes in UI part and Wowza agent installed on Wowza server you can protect your business from link re-publishing and complicate your content re-streaming including domain lock for hotlinking.

UPD: Read the full workflow description in our paywall hotlinking protection page.

Commonly you have some web pages with video links like this:
Then your web server script calculates hash from IP, URL, server time, secret key, valid interval and adds this hash to initial URL. e.g.:

So your valid customer will open the link and nothing will be different from non-protected URL. If somebody copies the link as passes it to anyone else, this 3rd party will not get any data.

WMSPanel platform handles all processing for you so all you see as a user is a big link. All mechanics are split by 2 parts and hidden away.