January 20, 2021

VOD server-side ads insertion with Nimble Advertizer

Nimble Advertizer server-side ads insertion for live streaming has been used by Nimble Streamer customers for quite some time and we continuously improve it.

Now we introduce VOD ads insertion for HLS. You can now insert your ads into MPEG-TS and fMP4 containers of HLS for VOD playback. It's part of our Addenda premium package available per subscription.

Nimble Advertizer provides an extended config grammar to cover various business logic such as pre-roll and mid-roll ads, per-stream and personalized ads and much more.

The setup is simple and is similar to how it's done for live streaming.

  1. Install Nimble Streamer or upgrade it to the latest version if you already have it.
  2. Setup if up for HLS VOD transmuxing.
  3. You'll have settings for a certain application, you'll need it for further setup. Make sure your output HLS VOD stream is working without ads after the setup.
  4. Subscribe for Addenda license. Advertizer is part of Addenda premium package so you'll need to get the license and register it for your server.
  5. Set up Advertizer using Advertizer tech spec which covers all the aspects of SSAI.

As a result, your output HLS VOD streams with MPEG-TS and fMP4 containers will have ads inserted into the stream's content.

Notice that fMP4 HLS with inserted ads can only be played on Apple devices and in hls.js player as of mid-January 2021. We'll keep working on making further compatibility improvements.

If you have any questions about Advertizer and its usage, let us know.

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January 13, 2021

Larix Talkback

Larix Talkback for audio return feed is now available in Larix Broadcaster for both iOS and Android:

Now a streamer who uses Larix Broadcaster can get audio return feed as a recipient via SRT Caller, Listener and Rendezvous mode, along with RTMP, SLDP and Icecast.

The use cases can be different. It can be a talent who needs to talk to a studio. Or a live show director can give instructions to an operator who uses mobile device to stream.

So basically this is our mobile implementation of Interruptible foldback (IFB) which you might know from professional-grade production setup.

The SDKs for Larix Broadcaster and Larix Player with talkback capabilities on board will be available soon.