October 25, 2023

GPS HTML overlays in Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster provides a wide variety of features for IRL streamers, from advanced connectivity options to web overlays.

To add more capabilities for IRL, we introduce GPS data support for HTML overlays. It allows showing current spatial position and other parameters.

The following parameters are supported:

  • Current date and time
  • Current GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude)
  • Instantaneous speed of the device
  • Altitude, i.e. height above the sea level
  • Device's azimuth relative to true or magnetic north
  • Current location name (e.g. as shown on Apple maps)

You can learn more about GPS overlays setup on GPS params page.

This feature is available as part of Larix Premium in-app subscription. By subscribing to Premium you support our engineering team and allow us to move forward with new features.

Download Larix Broadcaster: