July 28, 2021

Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards 2021

Update: we've become the Finalist in hardware/Software server category, thank you all who voted for us!

The Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards of 2021 has finished voting, thank you for your participation.

Our company was represented in five categories with various server and mobile products:

Softvelum team greatly appreciates all the votes that we got from our customers and partners, your support helps us promote our products and move forward our innovations!

July 15, 2021

Playout - server playlists - in Nimble Streamer

Server playlists feature set of Nimble Streamer allows creating live streams by composing VOD files and live input streams into single playlists.

Basic workflow looks like this:

  1. Prepare files for further live streaming.
  2. Create JSON playlist which contains description of generated output live streams and their respective files' playback scenarios.
  3. Create Live Transcoder scenarios to re-align output if needed.
  4. Configure Nimble Streamer to use the designated JSON playlist.
  5. Nimble instance generates output live steams according to playlist.
  6. You can update the playlist any moment, it will be picked up by Nimble within playlist sync interval.

The playlist is a JSON file with a simple grammar which allows setting streaming scenarios of various complexity.

Notice that server playlist feature set requires Live Transcoder to operate so you'll need to subscribe for a license and install/register Transcoder on your server.

For more details, read Server playlists page on Nimble Streamer website.