August 23, 2016

Subtitles support for VOD

Nimble Streamer has wide VOD streaming feature set which covers many HLS-related capabilities like ABR streaming or multiple tracks support.

Now Nimble Streamer is capable of adding subtitles to VOD streams.
Supported formats include  WebVTT, SRT and TTML.

Let's see how they can be used. Major scenarios for VOD subtitles usage can be split into those two categories:

  • Simple scenario - a VOD file with one rendition has one corresponding language subtitles file. This is most common use case and it's handled in a simple way.
  • Complex scenarios like multiple languages for multiple renditions or other versions of the content. It's based on SMIL files usage and it can cover various use cases.
Let's take a look at both of them.

Server logging in Nimble Streamer

As any server software, Nimble Streamer allows tracking its behavior and performance via logging.

By default, Nimble Streamer server logs are available in /var/log/nimble.log for Linux and in application log folder for Windows. However you can control that in a config file. Read this article to see how you can define destination for your logs.

You may also choose logging level for server information via web UI. The more detailed logging is selected, the more information you'll get as output.

All settings are applied without server restart which allows easily manage its behavior depending on your needs.

August 10, 2016

PCM G.711 audio support in Nimble Streamer

Recently we were extending codecs coverage for Nimble Streamer.

Today we introduce support for PCM, or G711, (both a-law and μ-law) audio codec.

It can be used as input for Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder for further transformation into AAC.

It also can be used for RTSP transmuxing - it will be passed through from input to output.

Related documentation

Nimble Streamer Live TranscoderRTSP transmuxingCodecs support in Nimble Streamer transmuxer.

July 31, 2016

July news

July was very intense in terms of new features.

Audio streaming

Icecast/SHOUTcast transmuxing was entirely re-worked and it now allows processing audio streams via same engine as used for RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS. The output protocols are the same plus HLS and MPEG-DASH.
It also allows using our Live Transcoder for audio transformation.
Read this article to see how you can now setup Icecast transmuxing.
Please upgrade or install latest Nimble Streamer and use new Icecast management interface in live pull settings in order to use all new benefits.

Live Transcoder 

Live Transcoder also allows manipulating audio channels to split stereo signal into 2 separate streams. Read this article for details.

Speaking of Live Transcoder, we've added Linux support for Intel QuickSync. So if you have Intel-powered hardware, you should check this capability.

CDNs support

We've added support for RTMP publishing into most popular live CDNs - Akamai and Limelight.
They have special requirements for RTMP authentication and we have them covered now.
Read more about Limelight RTMP setup and Akamai RTMP setup.

Codecs support in transmuxing

We've added a few more codecs into our transmuxing engine.

All new codecs will be used in pass-through mode, with no changes to the content

You can see full list of supported codecs here. There are plenty of them there.

Also, we've update MP4 support to handle EditListBox (elst) primitive for VOD transmuxing.

Paywall update

Our customers we asking for HTTP Referer header support in our paywall feature set. So we've added Referer groups into WMSAuth engine. They can be used in Deny lists.

Mobile broadcasting SDK

Our SDK for iOS was updated with live rotation capabilities that work the same way as in Android.
You can install Larix Broadcaster from AppStore to try it out and get mobile SDK on our website.


WMSPanel control API was updated with HTTP origin alias methods.
We've also updated the API reference page with new UI for your convenience. It's now easier to find any functionality or method.

The last but not the least update: check the State of Streaming Protocols for July 2016.

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The State of Streaming Protocols - July 2016

WMSPanel team continues analyzing the state of streaming protocols.

The metrics calculations are based on 3.16 billion views. The stats are collected from 2800+ media servers (Nimble Streamer and Wowza).

Protocols share remain stable, i.e. HLS share is about 71% with progressive download still having 9%.

The State of Streaming Protocols, July 2016

You can compare that to June stats below.

July 25, 2016

Block users by HTTP Referer header via WMSAuth

Nimble Streamer paywall capabilities cover several aspects of content protection. Today we add another enhancement - access control based on HTTP "Referer" header.

You may add required Referers as regular expressions into deny list to avoid them accessing the streams.

Let's see how this is set up.