May 20, 2024

New case study: Nimble Streamer powers LiveX and VVCR cloud production

Explore our latest case study to see how Nimble Streamer and LiveX are shaping the future of live video production.

LiveX, a leading full-service production company, is revolutionizing live production using Nimble Streamer. LiveX creates and broadcasts live events for global brand leaders, leveraging the power of cloud-based tools like Virtual Video Control Room (VVCR).

Built around Nimble Streamer, VVCR enables fully remote production processes with unparalleled flexibility and scalability. From the NYC Times Square experience to coordinating over 1000 gamers in Call of Duty II events, Nimble Streamer is at the core of LiveX's remarkable projects.

Learn more about the benefits of Nimble Streamer and LiveX collaboration in cloud production.

May 16, 2024

WHEP Load Tester tool to test WebRTC performance

Softvelum team has been implementing various WebRTC features for some time now and you can see results in our WebRTC bundle.

As part of WHEP ABR playback support in Nimble Streamer, we had to create some additional tools in order to test our own solution.

Introducing WHEP Load Tester.

It's a tool for testing WHEP WebRTC playback performance. It launches the simultaneous playback of any number of sessions for a WHEP stream. This way you can test the capacity of your WebRTC WHEP solution and see its performance limits.

Feel free to use it and let us know of your experience and thoughts on it.