June 24, 2024

The blog is moving

A notice to our blog followers.

Starting this month, all our new articles are published at our new blog at Softvelum.com website.

Old articles will remain in this blog and we'll occasionally be updating them once we make changes to our products.

We encourage you to follow us in our social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, join our channel in Telegram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. All our updates from the website, the blog or other sources are announced there.

June 5, 2024

DVR in SLDP HTML5 Player

SLDP HTML5 Player can now provide DVR playback with HLS DVR streams from Nimble Streamer. This brings better user experience for viewers who utilize low latency playback with SLDP protocol and want to be able to rewind or pause the stream. Read this article for more details

Read this recent article to learn more about the setup and usage:

Adding DVR into SLDP HTML5 Player


We're glad to announce that we've added adaptive bitrate support into our WebRTC WHEP implementation in Nimble Streamer.
As always, it's highly optimized for delivery to multiple simultaneous viewers to make is cost efficient.

We've published an article in our new blog at Softvelum website:

WebRTC adaptive bitrate WHEP in Nimble Streamer

Follow the link to learn more about why it's important and how you can set it up.