Before you post a question to helpdesk

Our team communicates with our customers and trial users via helpdesk system. A new question is posted via online form for users' convenience.

Some of the inquiries show that a user didn't make any preliminary analysis so some additional actions must be done on both sides to understand the problem and provide the solution. This means losses of time and low efficiency.

So we'd like to describe a few techniques which will help performing initial analysis and make helpdesk ticket submission correctly.

Notice that we reserve the right to decline or even ignore your request without response if you don't follow the described steps before ticket submission.
Please also find read our Terms of Service that will help you understand our policies.

1. Search and read

If you set up some feature which you haven't used before and you see some malfunction, then most probably you need to double-check your setting. Read the respective feature documentation and follow it step-by-step to make sure you haven't missed anything.

If you still see something going wrong, you need to search for answers through our websites and blog before asking questions.

2. Analysis

2.1 Logs 

If you see any issues with Nimble Streamer behavior, you need to check its logs first. Read this article to see how you can enable them and set proper details level.

If you can't see anything suspicious in your logs, some other common items then need to be checked are listed further.

2.2 Input stream

If you can't get output stream from your input, you should check the incoming stream itself. Make sure the transmission is actually working from your source perspective.
If it's a pulled stream, try pulling it using some player like VLC.
If you have RTMP or RTSP published input, check that you have proper interfaces defined in Global server settings or in the application settings.

If you have HLS output, try getting master playlist to see what server returns
curl -vvv https://your_domain:your_port/live/stream/playlist.m3u8
If master playlist is returned fine, try getting chunk list
curl -vvv https://your_domain:your_port/live/stream/chunks.m3u8

2.3 Codecs

If the stream is running but it has no video and/or audio, then you need to check the content itself using ffprobe tool.

Some of the codecs which you use may be unsupported by the protocols or the player which you use. E.g. if you use HLS protocol and have MP2, Speex or PCM as for audio, then you won't hear any sound, you'll need to use Live Transcoder to convert between codecs.
The same applies to video. E.g. you may send MPEG2 or HEVC but you won't be able to view it in common browsers, so you'll also need to use Transcoder to convert it into something more commonly used.
Please refer to supported codecs page to make sure you use proper codecs.

2.4 Transcoder

If you use transcoder for processing stream, you may find useful Troubleshooting Live Transcoder article which covers some corner cases.

2.5 Performance issues

If your users experience any performance issues, please follow performance tuning guide to try fixing them.

2.6 Details for further analysis

If you still can't find the root cause of your problem, you must provide the following information via helpdesk to prepare proper data for analysis:

  • Provide WMSPanel account name or use the email of any account admin.
  • Provide server name and IP within your WMSPanel account.
  • Describe the source of your stream - e.g. published or pulled, what's the publish URL for pulled streams etc.
  • Provide playback URL to check.
  • Describe how you checked the output stream, e.g. what player was used with which protocols etc.
  • Provide detailed information about each step of analysis described above.

We do not provide support for any issues without proper details. E.g. requests like "Stream doesn't work" without any details will be ignored.

3. Ticket submission and resolution

Each new question for our team is posted via online form. We do not guarantee response to any request sent via any other channels such as personal emails, instant messengers, social networks etc.

If you have several different questions, you need to post a separate ticket for each question. This allows concentrating on one issue at a time and assign proper engineer on each task.

To post a question, you need to choose proper category. Once it's selected, you'll see additional information regarding your category. Read it and follow the provided links to check your question. If you still want to ask a question, open the form - for most of categories you will see additional questions which you need to answer in order to get better and faster analysis.

We respond to customers questions as soon as our team members are able to do it. It's typically assigned to a proper engineer who follows up with user replies and handles the task resolution.

The user must follow our instructions for resolution and answer all questions, otherwise we will suspend the discussion.

Once the ticket is resolved, it's closed. If you want to report another ticket or make some addition to original closed ticket, please create a new one.

We're looking forward to have an efficient communication with you.

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