November 14, 2015

DVR time fragments requests for EPG in Nimble Streamer

We've recently introduced the DVR feature set in Nimble Streamer which allows recording RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, Icecast and SHOUTcast incoming streams for further playback.

One of the most anticipated scenarios of our customers is the ability to allow the playback the fragment in a specific time range. This is used for various use cases, especially in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) type of applications.

Nimble Streamer now supports time ranges for DVR playback. No special setup is needed. Follow general setup instruction to make settings and then use specially formed URL to get the content.

If your regular DVR stream URL is
then your range URL would be like<UTC-start>-<duration>.m3u8
where "UTC-start" is the fragment start time as UTC epoch time and "duration" is the length of the fragment in seconds.
It starts at given time and lasts for 2 minutes.

If you need to set up only the start time and allow continuous playback from that point, use "now" value for that, e.g.:

This enables the playback of selected fragments of recorded live streams.

Also, check time-shifted playback for Nimble DVR.

Please notice that you may also control DVR via API in order to automate your streaming infrastructure. If you'd like to export DVR into MP4, you can check this instruction.

If you have any feedback or feature requests for DVR, just let us know about it.

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