November 30, 2015

November 2015 updates

In November, our team continued to make features and improvements.

Before diving into tech update, take a look at Selected Integrators webpage which shows a list of the companies that use our solutions for their customers, integrating our technologies into sophisticated streaming workflows. We recommend contacting these companies if you need help deploying or setting up our products in your environment.

A new version of Larix Broadcaster for iOS is now available in AppStore. Several significant improvements were made. Larix Broadcaster is based on mobile broadcasting library and its source is included in our mobile SDK.

RTSP republishing was added into Nimble Streamer in addition to existing RTSP feature set which already includes transmuxing of incoming streams and RTSP playback.

Nimble Streamer DVR feature set was significantly improved with a few new features:

Speaking of WMSPanel API, it now has multiple streams real-time status API method for those customers who have multiple streams to be tracked simultaneously.

To see some other interesting information, take a look at The State of Streaming Protocols which
shows the growth of MPEG-DASH which overruns HDS, and increase of RTSP share after adding RTSP playback and re-streaming into Nimble Streamer.

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