April 16, 2011

Welcome to WMSAuth team articles

    First of all we want to say thank you for using our product. This is very important for us that many people from many different countries are using it. We are trying to cover basic needs of video/audio content protection and make our product accessible for small business and individuals for free since we understand that making first steps in audio/video streaming, it's very important to find free, easy and robust solution to start working with. Medium and large business on the other hand can reduce or eliminate cost of video/audio stream protection since we don't offer licenses or something like that. Don't be afraid to start working with this solution, it's open source. If you are not satisfied with current features and need to add something special you can contact us.
     We provide support if it's necessary. For example you've read how-it-works but cannot understand or don't believe it's applicable to you. Or you want to just support us since we made valued feature you are satisfied. Or you need to our assistance at any development/deployment stages, web-site tuning for solution usage etc. Need to add something to the product or another feature to WMS server. We are very good here. This is an area where we make money. Don't hesitate to contact us. If you need something simple it will cost appropriately.Your support is very important to us. Support is not just a money. If you are activity related to media streaming and you want to improve something, don't wait and let us know.
     Currently we are under active development of new feature we'll describe soon. We are looking for new features to implement and you, the media streamers, can help us make valued feature for you.

    So, subscribe to our blog and be up to date with us. We will describe new features under development, our plans etc.

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