July 18, 2011

WMSPanel features for Windows Media can do for you


You've probably seen our WMSPanel website already and read about its basic features. If not - well, it's not a problem.
This post is about WMSPanel capabilities in a nutshell.

WMSPanel is about getting data about your media streams and controlling them in a suitable way.

First, it's a web-based tool. No desktop installation, just your favorite browser. And some server background.

Each customer signed up in the system has a separate work space which is accessible by login and password under TLS(SSL) connection. The customer can create a number of users to access company's data . Additionally customer can create company admin how can perform administrative tasks like creating users, starting and stopping Windows Media Service on particulair server etc. Company's users can see statistics and reports and cannot control infrastructure.

See details and screenshots below.

So, first of all you need to register new company and then add new users.

Once a customer is in the system, he can see the dashboard which contains main charts describing overall activity. Since we need a clear picture of what's going on, it's surely a real-time and a retrospective charts. Real-time chart is being re-drawn each 10 seconds and it's showing currently connected and currently streaming connections. We get this info not by parsing any logs, this information is provided by WMS service on-the-fly. Having all this data collected, we show retro charts with one day history about provided streams.

WMSPanel operates with servers and publish points information. Each server may have unlimited number of publish points and each publish point can be distributed through a number of servers (mostly for load balancing purposes). So the main dashboard page contains those distributed publish points as well.

Servers list shows servers that were added in the system and each of them may have its own specific name which is set up by a customer. All servers are monitored for being up and running.

So you can add new server or see current servers list

So once the server is added into the system, WMSPanel service starts sending real-time info about streaming process including publish points information. Each PP may have unlimited number of current streams and connections so their quantity is available in a number of metrics.

Publish point list looks like this:

Your publish points may also be protected with our WMSAuth plugin for Windows Media Services available as an open source product. And this protection can be enabled or disabled right from the panel with a couple of clicks.

So the only important thing that is missing now is a list of users that are currently watching your streams. They are displayed for any chosen publish point with a currently displayed content direct link.

Having this general functionality you can make flexible real-time tracking of your broadcasting services. And new features are coming up all the time, you can see the roadmap to figure out what will be available soon. We always consider customers' feature requests and give them highest priority.

Try our solution for free now and contact sales department for any help.

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