October 12, 2011

WMSIPAuth plugin is now available


As you know Windows Media Services come with a great built-in functionality. However, some of the basic features are made not in a very convenient way. As example, IP-based authentication can be set up via GUI tool; it's not convenient to use on a large amount of IPs and it also works really slow in such case.

That's why we made a plugin that allows restricting access to WMS via a simple configuration file where all those rules are written down like this:

Current implementation works really fast even on dozens of thousands of IP ranges listed in a config.
Trial version of WMSIPAuth plug in is available for download. It's free or charge and it currently has a restriction of 5 IP ranges to be restricted.

However if you need more IP ranges capacity or have some extended functionality like allowing only certain IPs instead of restricting them, or even have geo-location based restriction, you can contact our teamto discuss terms and price of such solution.

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