November 21, 2011

Windows Media: adding publish points


Recently we've deployed a new WMSPanel feature for Windows Media Services. Some customers wanted to be able to add publish points via our web interface. WMSPanel is already able to control server behavior - starting and stopping servers. So now our customers are able to add publish points as well.

Currently both broadcasting and on-demand publish points are supported.

To add a publish point, a customer admin should go to a server page and click on "Add publish point". Then enter a name, a path to a source within a server and choose PP type. Click "Add publish point" button to perform the addition.

Adding a broadcasting publish point for WMS
Adding on-demand publish point for WMS

That's it. Once a publish point is added, it data will be available on graphs.

Read our blog for more information on current and upcoming features. Contact us for more information.

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