February 27, 2012

High-detail retrospective reports

WMSPanel has a number of high-detailed retrospective reports which can be used in different ways. Let's see what we have. Just open a dashboard and scroll down to retrospective chart tabs.

Those chart points show the granularity of reports data. WMSPanel assigns streaming statistics to the corresponding graphic point. Here are the intervals for each time frame.
  • Daily report has 15 minutes interval.
  • Weekly report has 2 hours interval.
  • Monthly in divided by 12 hours.
  • Year report has 7 days interval.
This division allows showing smooth charts and yet keep them accurate.

Each data slice has its own set of retrospective charts. So when you make new slice, you get new unique charts.

First report shows combined charts of "Total Connected versus Bandwidth Average".

Total connections vs. Average bandwidth report.

Total connected graphic shows the overall number of connections that happened during reporting points. It is calculated as the number of active connections at the beginning of interval plus number of new connections happened during the interval.

 chart and report shows the "speed" of data transfer. It shows average amount of transfer speed. It's usually measured in Kbps or Mbps. So if 10 streams were operated at 30Mbps and 10 were transmitted with 50 Mbps, the chart will show something like 40 Mbps.

Average connections speed.

Total connections count.

Traffic report shows the amount of media data which was transferred between reporting points. E.g. daily report has 15 minutes granularity so it shows how much data was streamed between each 15 minutes points. It's measured in bytes (Kb, Mb, Gb). This report includes:
  • Message In;
  • Message Out;
  • Message Lost.

Traffic report.

Lost and incoming traffic.

In our blog you can also find additional information on transmission lost traffic.

You can also get those charts on paper by just clicking "Print" link - this will generate printer-friendly version.

These types of charts covers a big piece of functionality that allows tracking current state of streaming process.

Feel free to contact us about any questions that you might have. You can always try our solution free of charge to see if it works fine for you.

Connections and traffic report are  available for Wowza Streaming Engine and Nimble Streamer.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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