May 22, 2012

Wowza data loss reporting and analysis

We all know that data transmission is far from being perfect. Since media data transmission operates with huge amounts of data, most streaming companies face with losses problem, especially within peak hours.

WMSPanel Wowza reporting service may help finding and visualizing problems like that. Let's see typical peak hour using detailed reports.

When you are logged into Dashboard, you can first see real time chart and then after scrolling down it shows 4 retrospective charts for Wowza. First one is "Total connected vs. Bandwidth" that allows seeing peak statistics.

Connections and Average bandwidth in peak hours.
See that blue cliff in front of red mount? That's total connections per 15 minutes interval shown in comparison with average bandwidth.

Now let's look at the traffic:
Traffic in, out and loss for Wowza.
 It has 3 major statistics for each of 15-minute interval: incoming, outgoing and lost traffic. As you see, there's a rise of lost traffic lines. They correlate in the same place where we have peak connections count. You can click on the chart legend elements to remove lines you don't need to look at. Like, we don't need incoming traffic.

Lost traffic for RTMP

Here's a detailed look for lost:

Traffic loss chart for Wowza.
This quick look gives some part of the whole picture of what happen in your peak hour. The conclusion you draw out this will depend on your network infrastructure. Basically this means that either your network is not configured correctly, or your watchers are in a distant region away from you, or your server does not do its job good. We cannot tell what you should do about tuning and upgrading your server but network problems may be solved in a variety of ways.

Lost traffic report in daily stats.

We would recommend using one of existing CDNs to lower the load of your transmission server. This allows concentrating your resources and staff on a good content or clients' needs rather than thinking about upgrading your network assets. It also gives opportunity to provide your media to the client in different regions without loosing the transmission quality.

Please notice that lots traffic can be calculated for binary protocols only, like RTMP.

WMSPanel service has a number of customers that are either worldwide or regional CDNs, so if you'd like to transfer your media via reliable networks, we can make some recommendations for you. Once you become a customer of chosen CDNs, as a bonus you will seeing reports like we described above and even more of them. Just browse through this blog and check out features you might like.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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