August 8, 2012

Our first screen cast is out


We are really glad to introduce our first screen cast showing basic capabilities of our reporting and control panel.

One video is worth a thousand words, check it out:

Please welcome to join our WMSPanel YouTube channel for upcoming videos.

If you like what you see there - visit WMSPanel now and sign up to try it.

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  1. This is great. Can you make one for the entire panel funcionality? From my perspective, it's not clear how the reselling fuctions work, links to players, etc....

  2. Hi Anthony!

    In fact, we plan making several screencasts for each feature set so everything will be covered.

    However you can siugn up now and check this service yourself. Just try it, registration will take a few seconds, agent installation takes a few minutes.

    Contact us via in case of questions.


  3. Ok, thanks :) We're not ready to try it yet, but we keep coming back to see new features. Looking great. Do you plan on adding an autodj?

  4. Anthony,

    Just subscribe to our blog RSS feed to keep in touch.

    As for AutoDJ, we currently have ShoutCast in a list of long lead tasks so I'm not sure we will support it in the near future.