October 9, 2012

Pricing explained


As our service covers new markets, there's been a number of features and use cases which we did not think to manage even a few months ago. These cases introduce new pricing options. Thus we've recently updated our price list.

We provide SaaS rental model, so our customers pay monthly fee for using the service. Service price consists of basic cost per data slice and possible additional cost for servers. All prices are indicated in US dollars.

See latest full price list here.

Let's see a few examples.

The simplest case if a customer who has just 1 or 2 servers streaming live picture or VOD content. Here, a user needs 1 data slice subscription with geo data and 0 server payment, thus $25 per month.

This simple customer may extend his business and have 4 customers each streaming some premium content. So for this we have 5 groups subscription for 5*$16 + 5*$3 = $95 per month, still no server fees applied.

Another option is that a big streamer having 25 servers wants to secure his business with our WMSAuth control functionality but he doesn't need all of our great statistics. Fine, it's $20 basic cost + $200 server fee, so it's $220 per month.

What if we have a internet radio streamer with 6 servers with 30 small clients who need to see real-time info about their air but nothing special? They agree on reduced functionality, so this is the case for cheap pricing. 30*$6 + $50 (server fee) = $230 per month.

There's another use case for event-targeted companies. They are mostly powering up some virtual assets, like Wowza Amazon EC2 edition. For this case we count only those servers which appear in the panel by the end if billing period. E.g. there are a couple of streaming servers that transmit archives as VOD and a customer wants to know their stats. So this customer subscribes for 1-2 data slices including geo and it's just $25 per month. Other servers are added for a day or two and then removed from panel. With our easy to use installer it does not take much time to deploy the agent for new Wowza instances any time.

And of course there are big guys. Those who have dozens of servers with hundreds of clients. No problem, we create a separate instance of WMSPanel in the could to make some sharding and process this new client separately from other customers so they do not affect each other. Price includes servers added and also basic payment per groups.

We process our subscription payments via FastSpring payment Gateway. Of course our subscription may be cancelled any time upon request or manually.

If this pricing is fine for you, feel free to try our service to see it in action.

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