October 16, 2013

Devices and players report in WMSPanel

Streaming media is expanding to a variety of devices these days. So one of the things any streamer wants to know is the statistics for devices which his clients use for watch media. As most video is done via the desktop or handheld devices, the players and browsers report is also important. WMSPanel obtains this information from user agent specification which Wowza and Nimble Streamer provide for each connection.

So we've created two new reports - Devices report and Players report. They are available under Reporting menu. All reports allow selecting dates ranges and specific servers. You may also export the statistics to CSV file and print if you want a hard copy.

Each number is a number of connections. This means if 1 user connected 2 streams, or opened same stream twice them, this will be counted as 2 connections.

Devices report

This report has statistics for major device types available on the market.  There are popular platforms as you notice in column names. It's Windows of several flavors, Macintosh, iPad/iPhone, Android, set-top-boxes (Roku, Apple TV), gaming consoles and a few others.

You can see a pie chart and detailed statistics table. There is also a line of links that allow browsing devices' statistics which is "sliced" per player.

Selecting dates range and per-browser slicing or devices.
Devices percentile pie chart.
Devices detailed statistics.

Players and browsers report

Take a look at another report below. You can see the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc) and several players in it. And then there's Flash, of course. It's also sliced by devices the same way we saw per-player division in devices report.

Selecting dates range and per-device stats for player report.

Players pie chart and detailed statistics.

These two reports give you a vision of how your content is played. If you see that some device or browser is missing, send us your feedback to include new entries in our report.

Devices and players report is available for Wowza Streaming Engine and Nimble Streamer.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting features.

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  1. Is it possible to add some custom user agent, like we are using STBs which are not being detected and end up in unknown.

    1. This is not yet available unfortunately.


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