January 22, 2014

Changing user agent for Nimble Streamer

One of use cases of Nimble Streamer is re-streaming of HLS, SmoothStreaming and progressive download. This means that Nimble is working as a client for other origin servers. So it's sending User-Agent header to identify itself. Some companies may want to change this identification for security reasons.

Now you may change Nimble Streamer user agent name for accessing origin servers.

General settings are stored in /etc/nimble/nimble.conf. Just add this string in the config file:
user_agent = User-Agent-Name
You may also control server by changing other configuration parameters. Once you make a change please re-start Nimble by running
sudo service nimble restart
Once the service is re-started, Nimble will start requests to origin services via the user agent specified in the config.

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