February 6, 2014

Controlling HLS disk cache life time

Nimble Streamer can be used for HLS re-streaming for both VOD and live modes. For VOD we primarily use disk cache. By default each chunk is stored for a day after the last request.

You may control a life time of VOD disk cache chunks via vod_cache_timeout parameter.  If you want chunks to be stored for 2 days, just set up this:

General settings are stored in /etc/nimble/nimble.conf. Just add this string in the config file:
vod_cache_timeout = 48
You may control server by changing other configuration parameters. Once you make a change you need to re-start Nimble by running
sudo service nimble restart
Once the service is re-started, Nimble will start requests to origin services via the user agent specified in the config.

Please learn more about latest VOD cache control features here.

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