August 22, 2014

Disaster recovery for Wowza agent

WMSPanel interacts with Wowza Streaming Engine agent via the "agent" - it's an add-on which is installed into Wowza. This agent is sending statistics data to WMSPanel service for further processing.

This interaction scheme assumes that a media server is constantly online and it keeps sending sync-up all the time. However, Internet is a complex infrastructure and sometimes some networks and entire countries become invisible to the global networks. In this case our agent was not able to send data which might cause data losses.

Now WMSPanel team introduces agent improvements to prevent data losses and recover from disasters like that. Here is how it works now.

  1. When Wowza is restarted after agent installation, this agent starts sending sync-ups
  2. If is not available for some reason, agent still tries to reach it, trying to send sync-ups for several times.
  3. If the service in unavailable for a long time, then the delta for the most useful daily statistics are accumulated on the agent.
  4. When the service becomes available, the calculated data is sent and WMSPanel fills the gap between the moment when the server "disappeared" and current moment.

The following most useful daily statistics are saved and recovered:

  • Connections count - total and per-protocol;
  • Traffic;
  • Peak bandwidth - incoming and outgoing;
  • Average view time;
  • Total view time.

This is the most critical data often used for billing customers, that's why it's saved and recovered. With this feature your critical statistics are always safe and you can rely on WMSPanel daily reporting.

Let us know if there are any other WMSPanel data recovery and consistency concerns.

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