January 26, 2015

WMSPanel joins DASH Industry Forum

WMSPanel team has been working on Nimble Streamer MPEG-DASH feature set for some time and we've released several features which are interesting for streaming community, such as

with more features to come soon.

As you know, DASH standard is based on efforts of leading experts from the most influential companies in the industry. It has become an industry ISO standard which makes it a foundation for further deployments. The experts' community created an organization called DASH Industry Forum which has the goal of further improvement and promotion of DASH for wide streaming media market which is continuously expanding and is demanding for this kind of solution.

Having our own DASH server solutions, we would like to share our expertise and so last week WMSPanel team became a DASH Industry Forum associate member. We are very excited to join the organization. Now we have the opportunity to make our contributions to the community, we hope our expertise will be useful.

If you have any questions or feature requests regarding MPEG-DASH functionality, please contact us any time.

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