May 28, 2015

Verimatrix VCAS live streams DRM support via Nimble Streamer

Monetizing the content requires various techniques for media protection. Nimble Streamer team helps streamers protecting their content via paywall capabilities which include hotlink protection, pay-per-view, geo-restriction, HLS AES-128 encryption support and some other features.
Now we introduce DRM capabilities for live streaming via Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) support.

VCAS pay-TV operator solution consists of combinations of the components optimized for a specific market segment. Based on a highly modular system architecture and efficient form factor, VCAS is inherently cost effective for the smallest deployment while scaling easily to operations with millions of subscribers.

With VCAS, Nimble Streamer can be used for media encryption and delivery of live content. Having RTMP, RTSP or MPEG-TS input, it will produce HLS streams properly encrypted. Nimble is optimized for handling large amount of viewers and building robust infrastructure so it may be the only element which you need for delivery of media from content owner to consumers. As it's a freeware and it requires low amounts of resources, this would allow decreasing the cost of ownership for your solutions.

Let's see how you can set up Verimatrix VCAS with Nimble Streamer to protect your content.

We assume that we already have VCAS infrastructure ready to use and your system administrator has already installed and set up Nimble Streamer with streams ready to be protected by DRM. Here are the following steps.

1. Find server

Go to Server top menu to see the list of your server. Then click on designated server name to enter its details page.

Now click on "DRM setup link" to open DRM setup page. Here you can see 2 tabs - Global and Applications.

2. Global settings

This tab has settings applied for all apps and streams for designated server.

Verimatrix VCAS global settings for Nimble.
  • DRM key is the key which is used for AES-128 encryption by default in regular RFC-based encryption.
  • VCAS key server is the IP or host of the VCAS key server which you use for handling DRM keys.
  • Key rotation interval and Key position count are the ones which you'd like to use for your scenarios.
  • Resource ID may be left blank unless you want to specify it manually. If it's blank, Nimble will generate it.

Clicking on Advanced settings will show you the list of available Nimble Streamer instances from your account so you could apply settings to multiple instances at once.

3. Application settings

The next step is to specify what applications you'd like to apply DRM encryption to. Click on Applications tab.

Now click on Add application setting to see the dialog as shown below.

Verimatrix VCAS application settings for Nimble.
Verimatrix VCAS application settings for Nimble.

In the Application field you need to specify the name of existing streaming application which you'd like to protect. E.g. if you need to protect stream like then you need to specify "live". In this case all of its streams' content will be encrypted.

Key rotation interval, Key position count and Resource ID have the same purpose as for Global tab fields, but they will be applied specifically for this app.

You may also apply this app setting to several media servers at once - just check required servers in the servers list.

Saving the application will apply the settings to selected servers.

If no applications are created then the default AES-128 encryption will be applied to all outgoing content with DRM key from Global tab.

What's next

That's it, your content will now be protected with Verimatrix DRM solution and delivered to your content consumers.

Nimble Streamer allows building further delivery scenarios of any complexity:

Lots of other scenarios are possible depending on your streaming network topology. so if you need to build something different, let us know so we could advise.

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