August 23, 2015

Larix Broadcaster mobile streaming setup and usage for Android

Do you want to broadcast live video from mobile device to your own audience all over the world? The viewers might be your clients, colleagues, friends, family or everybody else you want to show the current moment of your live. Sure, that should be simple. Just point your mobile device and push the button.

In this article we are going to show how to create video streaming from Android based mobile device via Larix Broadcaster. Larix Broadcaster is a free mobile application which can stream live video or/and audio to media server via RTSP, RTMP and SRT protocols. For our example, we will use Nimble Streamer because it is free and powerful media server with rich set of documentation.

You can visit Larix Broadcaster web page for full feature set description.
Please also visit Larix documentation reference to see more articles about app setup.

To launch the live steaming from a mobile device via Larix Broadcaster you need to perform several steps:

  1. Install Larix Broadcaster on your mobile device;
  2. Install Nimble Streamer and make necessary settings;
  3. Specify published URL in Larix Broadcaster;
  4. Open output stream from the media server and check that everything works fine.

Install Larix Broadcaster application

Open Google Play in your mobile device, type Larix Broadcaster into search window and then press the search icon.
Choose Larix Broadcaster on the application page and press the "Install" button.
Allow access to your camera and microphone by pressing the "Accept" button. Application will be installed in a few seconds.
When you launch Larix Broadcaster you will see preview window with "Settings" and "Broadcast"  buttons.
See the screenshots below.

Install Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer can be installed on all popular Linux distributions - Ubuntu, Debian, RadHat and CentOS. For rapid deployment and periodical updates the batch installation is used. There are separate installers for Windows and Mac OS X.

For more details about Nimble Streamer installation please see this page. You need to sign up WMSPanel account before starting the installation.

Go to and press the "Sign Up" link in the top right corner.

Specify your e-mail address in the appeared dialog and then press "Sign Up" button. Follow the instructions from the received e-mail message to complete the registration.

Now install Nimble Streamer (we are going to show the installation procedure for Windows 7, but you can also install it on Linux or Mac OS X, please note that 64-bit OS is required).

Go to web page then click on Windows tab.

Press the "Download Nimble Streamer Installer" button. The setup file will be downloaded to your file system.

Double click on “NimbleStreamerSetup-2.7.2-3-x86_64.exe” file. Press the "Next" button in the appeared dialog. Select the Destination Folder and press the "Install" button.

The dialog will notify you about successful installation in a few seconds.

Then you need to register just installed media server in WMSPanel. For Windows 7, go to "Start" -> "All programs" - > "Nimble Streamer" and run "Register Nimble Streamer" as administrator. You will be asked for your WMSPanel login and password sent to you during sign up.

Your media server will be visible in the WMSPanel immediately after registration (see the
"Servers" tab on

Now lets proceed to Nimble Streamer setup.

Setting up transmux RTSP stream to HLS and RTMP

Log in to and go to "Nimble Streamer" -> "Live stream settings". Check the HLS and RTMP checkboxes in "General" tab and then press the "Save" button. You may specify Push login and Push password to protect you connection with mobile device. This login and password will be used in Larix Broadcaster settings.

Go to "Interfaces" tab and press "Add RTSP interface" button.

Secify the port number in appeared dialog (this port number will be used in Larix Broadcaster settings). Select your media server and press the "Save" button.

If you'd like to avoid publishing from un-authorized sources, you need to set up login and password which you may then use in this app. Go to Global tab to set up server-wide credentials or create application-specific credentials. Refer to this article for basic workflow setup.

So the basic Nimble Streamer configuration to work with Larix Broadcaster is completed. Proceed to configure mobile application.

Configure Larix Broadcaster application

Launch the Larix Broadcaster application on your mobile device and press "Settings..." button.

Select the "Connection #0, URI" in Settings menu.

Specify the IP-address of your media server, Port and Path. If you have specified Push login and Push password then RTSP URL should look like
For RTMP it will be
Press "Ok" button to save your settings.

You can check Larix documentation reference to see other options of creating streaming URL.

Note: If you use Wowza as a media server, you need to use ModuleSecureURLParams to authenticate via RTMP.

Now return to mobile application and press "Broadcast" button (make sure, that your mobile device has network connection, e,g, wi-fi). 

Check the streaming

Log in to WMSPanel. Go to "Nimble Streamer" -> "Live streams" and click on the number under the "Outgoing streams" column.

Then click on the Question sign in the stream name row.

The video playback from mobile device starts automatically in the appeared dialog. By default the most popular streaming protocol (HLS) is used for video playback. HLS is supported by the most modern mobile devices. However it has a quite long latency (about 6 seconds). If you need to playback video with minimum possible latency, please use RTMP protocol. To configure minimum latency please read the "Nimble Streamer performance tuning" article.

Also you can play streaming URL with system player (e.g. VLC).

You can broadcast live video and/or audio from your mobile device via Larix Broadcaster to your web page, YouTube live or any other CDN.

Mobile Broadcasting Library and Larix

If you'd like to create similar Android app capable of media streaming, you can use our mobile broadcasting library and SDK which is the core of Larix Broadcaster. You will get Larix source code and a library for further UI customization.

Take a look at our instructions for streaming to YoutTube Live and streaming to Facebook Live.

Visit our documentation reference page for more Larix setup information.

Mobile delivery example

Take a look at our Mobile to mobile snapshot which shows the example of using Softvelum products for building mobile streaming and playback network.

Please contact us if you have any problems with installation.

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  1. how to save video recording in sdcard if i have capture video from your library.

    1. This is a planned feature for our library, not yet available.

    2. If I would like to record this from your library then which portion need to modify. Can you please suggest me?

    3. You will be able to do it from the library method calls. Please follow our news to see when it's avialable.

  2. It seems that I am getting unknown fail when the library send setChunkSize packet. Could you please give instructions how to solve this problem?

    1. Hello,

      Please use our helpdesk to ask this kind of questions;

  3. How to setup livestream on YouTube with Larix Broadcaster? There are RTMP URL from my YT channel and stream key. But there's no possibility to use it with Larix app, maybe I don't understand something. Please help if possible :) Thank you!

    1. Hello,

      Please read Q1 in our FAQ:

  4. The incoming streams and outgoing streams appear as offline on the live streams tab when you step through the steps in turn.

    Also, Larix Broadcaster has 0bps, 0B, so it seems that the connection is not working properly.

    I went through the steps above, but where did the problem arise?

    I can make sentences awkward by writing through Google Translator

    1. Hi,

      Please contact support team to check what may be wrong:

      Thank you.

  5. Is there some documentation on the audio settings?

    1. We don't some separate audio docs. If you have any questions, just send them to so our engineers could respond.

  6. me pueden ayudar en configurar para transmitir desde mi celular con nimble streamer

    1. Please contact us via to get any tech help.

  7. Documentation for Larix Broadcaster states that a long press should lock focus. When I have tested on multiple android devices, a long press locks to infinity. There really needs to be a way to lock to the current focus value.

    1. Larix supports only either infinity focus (long press) or continuous AF (douple tap).


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