March 31, 2016

March updates

Match has just a few updates while we're working on the next breakthrough features. However some of these news are highly awaited by our customers.

As always, first check the State of Streaming Protocols for March. HLS has increased its share again while RTMP and RTSP go down.

Larix Broadcaster application has updates. Android app now has portrait mode and both iOS and Android may now perform flipping front/back camera. You can download it now and try it on your device. Larix sources and the streaming library are part of mobile broadcasting SDK which is available for licensing with affordable prices.

Unique visitors stats reporting is now available in WMSPanel. You can see that metric for data slices and for each file per stream in Deep stats. Unique users are calculated within 24-hours range.
Speaking of Deep stats update, we're glad to announce they are now available for streamed slices in addition to application-based slices. It's available for both Nimble Streamer and Wowza.
Both features give wider capabilities to understand your audience better than ever.

Time-shifted playback is now part of Nimble Streamer DVR feature set. This is typically required by companies which perform live streaming for audiences in different timezones. So now it's in our product, feel free to try.

One of our customers succeeded to install Nimble Streamer on OrangePi hardware. You can use Raspbian OS installation package to do that.

As our customers know, WMSPanel is a web UI for Nimble Streamer. It allows controlling streaming scenarios by clicking just a few links. We're continuously improving control capabilities and this month we updated several features to work with multiple instances:

  • ABR multiple edit: define ABR outgoing streams for multiple incoming streams via test edit;
  • MPEG-TS out multiple edit: importing a number of incoming MPEGTS streams, you now have an ability to create multiple output streams;
  • Tasks control - having a big number of tasks in a panel, you may start and stop multiple tasks at once.
BTW, you can also use API to control Nimble behavior in addition to web UI.

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