June 1, 2016

May news

This month we're glad to introduce important updates for our products.

Before reading further, please take a look at Nimble Streamer website update. We created new digest pages which you may find useful, they have descriptions of all major feature sets of Nimble Streamer:

Live Transcoder

Our team is proud to introduce a long-awaited product - Live Transcoder for Nimble Streamer. It's a premium add-on for our freeware product and it has an affordable price.

It takes H.264, MPEG2 video with AAC, MP3, MP2, Speex audio via RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS to transform it into H.264/AAC to deliver via HLS, MPEG-TS, RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS protocols.

Each stream is decoded just once for further processing. Multiple transcoding threads are used on multiple CPU cores for high performance. At the other end, encoding is also done once after all transformations. This month we'll introduce QuickSync support for hardware encoding as well.

Multiple FFmpeg filters maybe used for content transformation for both video and audio.

Excellent WMSPanel web UI allows controlling multiple transcoders via single interface, with no interruption to the streams when applying changes.

Visit our website for more details and feel free to go ahead and install Transcoder to see it in action.

As we've already noticed last month, you can take a look at our YouTube Channel to see how you can use the Transcoder.

Also, take a look at recent articles about Transcoder usage aspects:

  1. Encoder settings for bitrate, profile, key frame alignment and more
  2. De-interlacing video with Transcoder

New set of APIs

We've released a major update for our pull API. The following features now have their API methods:

Visit our API reference page to see how they can be used.

Mobile SDK

Our mobile broadcasting SDK has also a major update. It now allows MP4 recording and screenshots capture during recording.
You can see them in action at Larix Broadcaster. You can install it via Google Play and AppStore.

Contact us if you'd like to purchase the SDK for your own applications development.

Publish control for RTMP

Those customers who use RTSP publication, already saw our RTSP publish control framework which allowed managing incoming publishing connections according to their own business logic.
Now we added RTMP support to that framework.
Read RTSP and RTMP publish control framework overview article to find out the details.

The last but not the least update: check the State of Streaming Protocols for May 2016.

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