September 30, 2016

September news

This month we were concentrated on two major directions - improvements and bugfixing in Nimble Streamer and mobile SDK development.

Nimble Streamer

DVR feature set of Nimble Streamer was improved by 2 changes.

  • Archive read-only mode which allows playing the stream while the recording s stopped. As our API also supports this feature, the scheduled recording can be performed easily.
  • Maximum archive size parameter to avoid disk overflow. You can check original DVR setup article to see how you can set it.

Windows Phone live streaming

Mobile broadcasting SDK was improved with Windows Phone support. Your Windows device can now broadcast live stream via RTMP to any media servers or services which support this protocol.

Larix Broadcaster is also available in Windows Store to demonstrate current SDK capabilities.

Get it from Microsoft

You can install it for free and use in any live streaming use cases.


Our mobile SDK for iOS was improved with new graphics and a "Mute" button.

White label streaming application

If you'd like to customize Larix Broadcaster for any platform by adding custom app name, logo, connection stream etc, you can request it as white label. You wouldn't need to hire developer to customize basic things, so this will same you some efforts and time.
Contact us in case you are interested.

The last but not the least update: check the State of Streaming Protocols for September 2016.

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