February 14, 2017

Handling live streams timing errors in Nimble Streamer DVR

Sometimes when an MPEG-TS stream is received from media source, it may have some glitches either in video or audio. This is caused by third-party encoders which set incorrect time stamps assigned to media fragments - they may go back and forth in some un-predicted range. This also happens even when the source stream is transmuxed into other protocols, e.g. RTMP.

This may bother the viewers and also cause media servers to malfunction during the recording of the stream. Nimble Streamer allows compensating those timing issues and perform correct recording of video and audio in DVR. If the compensation can't help, then Nimble just removes the chunk and resets recording period.

Go to Nimble Streamer top menu, select Live Streams Settings menu and select DVR tab to open its settings.

Choose the designated stream properties and find Error correction section and check Drop invalid segments checkbox. This will perform the required correction to the recorded media, and the playback will be smooth from player point of view.

Keep protocol timestamps. If original stream has issues with timestamps, Nimble Streamer tries to compensate this by re-calculating correct numbers for DVR. This option disables compensation of timestamps, original timestamps are saved into the database and recording period is being reset.

Check segment sizes on load. This is a debugging option which enables validation of segments sizes in addition to getting size from the database. It's added for debugging purposes only, it increases load time for DVR archive so you should not use it by default.

Align segment time (PROGRAM-DATE-TIME) enables PROGRAM-DATE-TIME alignment for HLS segments based on stream timestamps to avoid drifting between PDT and segments duration.

Troubleshooting other issues

Please read Troubleshooting section in DVR setup article to see what else you can do to fix DVR-related issues.

Watch our DVR video tutorial: DVR recording and playback in Nimble Streamer

Also notice that HLS DVR streams can be added to SLDP HTML5 Player for rewinding low latency streams. Read this article for details.

If you have any further questions, contact our team.

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