August 28, 2017

Splash image, MP3 and other settings of SLDP HTML5 player

Our company keeps improving HTML5 player for our low latency protocol - SLDP. You can find protocol overview in this page and some basic setup and usage described in this article.

We've got some updates for you that might be interesting.

Splash image

You can now define the splash screen image which is shown before a user initiates the playback.
It's defined by splash_screen parameters.

MP3 support

We've added MP3 audio codec support for Safari and Firefox. Check also audio-related features of Nimble Streamer in addition.

Multiple instances

SLDP player may now be used in multiple instances on the same web page.
You use container parameter for each instance to specify proper element to show the player in.

Disabling ABR

By default, if your initial stream has multiple channels (e.g. renditions), they will be shown in the list of channels in ABR settings.
However you can lock specific player on a specific rendition using adaptive_bitrate parameter. It's "true" by default. You can set it to "false" to lock the rendition, in his case the initial_resolution parameter will be used to determine the default stream, and if it's absent then the lowest resolution will be taken.

You can see these and other parameters of our HTML5 player on this player page.

Take a look at the answers for frequent questions to improve your SLDP usage and visit SLDP website and contact us in case of any questions.

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