September 21, 2017

Two-factor authentication in WMSPanel

Softvelum team is continuously improving the security and reliability of our products. As one of the steps, we now add two-factor authentication for accessing WMSPanel. Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a method of confirming a user's claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different components.

In case of WMSPanel this means using user/password pair and then generate access code using your mobile device. So when you log into your account, you'll need to enter login information and then use your Android or iOS device to create 6-digit code and provide it to WMSPanel.

Here's how you can use this new security measure.

Install mobile app

To use 2FA on your mobile device, you need to install one of the apps which support it. Some popular apps are Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile but you can use any app you like. Use their respective links to install and setup proper apps before moving further.

Enable two-factor authentication

Go to Settings menu and select Security tab.

Click on Enable two-factor authentication button to see the following wizard.

In your authenticator application you need to scan the appearing QR in order to get 6-digit code. Enter and submit it to see the page with backup codes. You will be able to use then in case you don't have mobile device at hand.

Once it's set up you will be able to to disable this auth method as well as generate new backup codes if you want.

Use two-factor authentication

Once you log into WMSPanel next time, after entering login and password you'll see the following form requesting your 6-digit code:

Use your authenticator app to generate and use it.

Secure your account in 3 easy steps
 article gives more ideas about working securely in WMSPanel.

We keep searching to better ways of making our customers more secure so we look forward to getting your feedback.

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  1. Hi
    Why do I have to enable it first, do disable it later on ?
    I would find it better to ad this function and let the user decide to switch it on.

    1. By default, 2FA is disables and you can enable it when you need it.
      We highly recommend enabling it though, because it brings more security to your daily activities with WMSPanel.


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