October 1, 2017

Softvelum 2017 Q3 news

Third quarter of 2017 is now over so it's time to make a summary of what our team has accomplished.

General announcements

Notice that we've improved our Terms of Service, please have a moment to read them. Notice that it refers to Before you post a question to helpdesk article - this is what you'll need to get familiar with prior to sending a question to our team.

Another general improvement: WMSPanel now supports two-factor authentication which can be enabled per-user.

A few words about the money: FastSpring, our payment gateway, now accepts UnionPay. So it's yet another way to pay for our products.

As always, take a moment to read our State of Streaming Protocols to see how the streaming landscape technologies are currently used among our customers. Spoiler: DASH keeps rising, HLS goes a bit down, SLDP gains momentum.

Nimble Streamer

First, we're glad to announce an article in Streaming Media by Jan Ozer about our Live Transcoder:
Review: Softvelum Nimble Streamer Is Flexible and Well-Featured
We appreciate Jan sharing his opinion and we'll keep improving our products per his feedback.

Now let's check new features.

Our team continuously improves SLDP low-latency streaming technology.

SLDP HTML5 JavaScript SDK for creating low latency HTML5 players is now available for licensing in addition to existing mobile SDKs.

Other SLDP updates you may find useful:
SRT streaming technology, originally created by Haivision and opened to open-source community, is now available in Nimble Streamer. It's a protocol which adds reliability to UDP transmission with error correction, encryption and other features which make it a great method to deliver live content across unreliable networks. Softvelum was also among first participants of SRT Alliance to take part in improving the protocol.
You can enable SRT in Nimble by installing SRT package and making respective settings.

Speaking of new protocols, UDT streaming protocol is now available in Nimble Streamer. Read this article for setup details.

Live Transcoder has been updated: VP8 and VP9 decoding and encoding are now supported. Read this article for more details about setup and usage. VP8 was also added to VA API implementation in our transcoder to give more flexibility.

Other interesting Nimble Streamer updates are:

Mobile Streaming

The last but not the least.

Mobile playback solutions are now available among our products.
This includes SLDP Player apps for iOS and Android, as well as respective SDKs for adding playback capabilities into your own apps. Currently SLDP and RTMP protocols are supported.
Free apps are available in Google Play and AppStore.

Mobile streaming products were updated with multiple improvements on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This includes Larix Broadcaster and Larix Screencaster apps as wells as respective SDKs.
You can check the history of our mobile releases for all details of recent SDK releases.

Stay tuned for more features - follow us at FacebookTwitter or Google+ to get latest news and updates of our products and services.

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