March 28, 2018

Fallback for SLDP old iPhone browsers playback

As you know, SLDP low latency protocol is currently supported in MSE-enabled and MMS-powered web browsers for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and latest iOS, using our freeware web SLDP Player.

Old iPhones browsers running iOS versions before iOS17 don't support neither MSE nor MMS so if a viewer opens SLDP web player, it will not be able to play. However, we have Larix Player for iOS which supports full capabilities of SLDP protocol and also allows playing RTMP and Icecast.

Current SLDP HTML5 web player supports fallback capability which allows easily map web and iOS player. You can use default fallback scenario or you can set up custom fallback.

Default fallback

So if the browser is opened on iOS, it works like this:
  1. Viewer opens page with SLDP web player.
  2. When user clicks to play the stream, the browser asks the user to open it in Larix Player free app.
  3. If the application is installed and viewer selects to play, then Larix Player app is opened and the playback starts.
  4. Besides asking for opening the app, a viewer will see a link to download the app in AppStore - it will remain on the player. So if the app is not installed, a viewer will see the download link instead of playback.

Custom fallback

If you decided to use our player mobile SDK to build your own custom app, you may set your web player to open it instead of default SLDP Player.

We've added a few parameters to set this behavior in addition to available parameters described on web SLDP player page.

  • ios_failback_app_url - SLDP iOS fallback application URL. By default it's SLDP Player but you may specify any URL for AppStore app.
  • ios_failback_scheme - fallback scheme for non-secure connection (ws://). By default, it's 'sldp'. So if your web player has URL like ws://server.address/app/stream , it will be opened in your SLDP app like sldp://server.address/app/stream
  • ios_failback_secure_scheme - fallback scheme for secure connection (wss://), by default, it's 'sldps'. It works the same way as iso_failback_scheme parameter.

Having those parameters you may customize fallback behavior.

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  1. Thanks, looks like a great step forward for IOS Users.


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