January 30, 2019

Introducing Qosifire - live streaming quality monitoring service

Live streaming is an industry which is rigorous to quality. If you participate in live auction or track surveillance, you cannot miss any part of live stream. Even if you run an online radio or sport stream, your viewers must not find themselves in front of black screen or hear silence.

A lot of companies are building their own streaming infrastructures, that's why QoS - quality of streaming service - and QoE - quality of content experience - are highly anticipated. Hence the need for some tools and services which might help monitoring the quality of live streams 24/7.

Qosifire is another approach to quality monitoring for a variety of streaming companies which need simple, powerful and reliable solution. It's a web service for monitoring live streams' availability and quality.

Qosifire is based on these basic parts:
  • Monitoring agent software is set up on your servers. It tracks streams real-time for a number of protocol-specific items and sends results to monitoring service.
  • Monitoring service gives you full picture over your streams performance. It collects data about streams, tracks issues, provides end-users with access to stats and sends email and mobile alerts.
  • Mobile applications notify users about alerts via push notifications and give them ability to track stats.

Icecast streams monitoring is the only currently available protocol. We are working on video streams monitoring at the moment.
Current audio monitoring feature set covers all Icecast-specific transfer details on both network and protocol level. Qosifire also checks for buffering issues and provides silence detection.

Qosifire is a subscription-based service with free trial. You can use it almost full scale and then subscribe for monthly payments.

Qosifire products set is brought to you by Softvelum, the team behind your favorite Nimble Streamer media server with Nimble Live Transcoder, WMSPanel reporting panel, a set of mobile streaming solutions and other products you might have used already. All of our experience for high-performance and reliability was implemented into Qosifire and we'll keep rolling out more features during 2019.

Visit Qosifire web site to get more details and start your free trial period.

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