July 24, 2019

RTMP re-publishing control API in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Steamer has its own native status and control API which can be used for interacting directly with server instance rather than using WMSPanel control API. This native API can be convenient in case some  action needs to be applied without any delay.

There's a wide RTMP feature set in Nimble Streamer which covers the vast majority of aspects for live streaming. Re-publishing use case if very popular for building streaming infrastructure with origins and edges so our customers have been asking us for native API methods to work with it.

Now you can use new methods to do he following:

  • Get list of re-publishing rules;
  • Get details of selected re-publishing rule;
  • Create new rule;
  • Delete existing rule;
  • Get status of all current re-publishing rules.
You can visit native API reference page to find all details about these methods.

Notice that re-publishing setting defined by "create" and "delete" API calls are not persistent and they are reset after Nimble Streamer re-load. If you'd like to keep them, you should use WMSPanel control API.

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